The University of Southern California's Official Hosts and Guardians of Tradition Since 1921




A diverse community of scholars, athletes, and leaders of the student body creates a tight-knit and well-rounded brotherhood for life.



As the oldest all-male service organization on campus, the Trojan Knights are committed to making USC and the community around it a better place.



Trojan Knights take pride in being the most passionate and dedicated Trojan fans around, and can be found at almost every sporting event.

Trojan Knights

In 1921, three men desired to create an organization that would uphold the traditions of the University of Southern California – an organization that would dedicate itself to the University and its future. These men, Harry Pryor, Harry Kennedy and Lindley Bothwell, would soon become the founders of the Trojan Knights. Since its foundation, each member has striven to embody the five attributes of the ideal Trojan: Faithful, Scholarly, Skillful, Courageous and Ambitious. The Trojan Knights have planned and established some of the most important events in the history of USC and guarded its most cherished traditions.

The Trojan Knights recruit new members each fall and spring. We invite you to learn more about what it takes to become a Trojan Knight.